Assignments are due at 5pm next Wednesday, submitted in the class folder. We will begin the next class by watching your homework assignments.  Create your own folder within the class folder labeled with your first and last name ( folder/yourfolder)
You should have 3 things in your folder for next week:
1. Chair Rotation QT
2. a photo of your still life
3. Still Life Rotation QT

Also, please bring a sketchbook to class from now on, to do your in-class work in.

For next week:

1. Scan your in-class chair rotation drawings.  Be consistent in how you register your drawings on the scanner bed. Rotate the drawings if necessary to achieve the correct orientation. Be sure the image file names are numbered in proper chronological order. Using Quicktime Player 7 > File > Open Image Sequence, select the first number in your image sequence, at 15fps.  Export your sequence using the following settings:

File > Export > Movie to Quicktime Movie
Options:  Settings:  Compression: H.264
Frame Rate:  current (or 15fps)
Size: current
Uncheck sound and prepare for internet streaming

Please name your file  Please create a folder with your first and last name in the class Assignments_In folder on the Emerson course server, and put the assignment in there.

2. Assignment:  Still life Rotation.

Create a small table-top still life out of three objects.  At least one object must have curves, and one object must be boxy with sharp edges. Cut a perfect circle out of paper or cardboard large enough for your still-life to sit upon. Mark 12 equidistant marks around the circumference of the circle (like the numbers on a clock).  Place your circle on the table with your still-life on top of it.  Using small pieces of tape, at 12,3,6,and 9 o’clock, create guide markers for your circle. (As you rotate your circle, the markers will enable you to keep your circle steady.) Take a photo of your still life, and put it in your folder on the sever. Rotate your still life in a complete circle, drawing your still life 12 times, maintaining a consistent POV.  You do not move, your still life moves in a 360 circle.

Note:  Please do not create a CGI virtual still life, and use frame grabs to make your drawings.  Frame grabs are already flattened to 2D space – the point of the exercise is for YOUR EYES to do the work flattening the 3D objects into a 2D image.

Scan your 12 drawings, sequence them in the correct order, and Export a Quicktime Movie following the same parameters as in Part 1.  Name it and put it in your folder on the server.

GRADING:  for a total of 5 points

Chair Rotation Animation – full circular loop, drawings in order, orientation correct: .5pt
Chair Rotation Animation – .mov file at parameters listed above: .5pt
Sketchbook in class: .5pt
Photo of still life: .5pt
Three objects, One curved object, one sharp object: .5pt
12 drawings of still life: volumes accurate rendered, relationships proportional: 1pt
12 drawings of still life: ground plane and POV is consistent in all drawings: 1pt
Still Life Rotation Animation – .mov file at parameters listed above: .5pt


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