Please do the following drawings:

1. a copy of a master drawing (in the Art of Europe hallway or the Works on Paper room)
2. a dancing shiva (motion over time)
3. 3 different drawings of an ancient sculpture, head to toe, from 3 positions, rotating around the sculpture


Back at home, following our guest Peter’s demonstration, please draw the architectural scene outside of your windown, using pen on acetate.

Bring the drawings to class on Wednesday.




Using the guide drawings we did in class of our life model Jim moving, redraw the motion on 6 individual sheets of paper, scan them, and then sequence them in Quicktime, finally exporting an .mov.

You should have

1. A Throw
2. A Punch
3. A Walk Cycle


Hi everyone! Just a reminder that class tomorrow is in the Paramount Building, Studio 9 (4th floor).  We’ll be life drawing.  Be sure to bring a sketchbook with a stiff back, larger than 8×10 recommended.  Or, bring a board of some kind that you can use to draw on (plus clips or tape to secure the paper).  There are chairs with movable writing surfaces in the room, and you will probably want to lower the table and work off your lap, one of your hands holding the hard drawing surface at an angle to your body.

See you Wednesday at 6pm!


Assignment #3


In preparation for the next two weeks of life drawing, please execute a series of drawings, recapping the drawing techniques we’ve explored thus far.

Create a still life out of the white geometric objects given to you in class.  Draw the types of drawings listed below.  Execute each drawing on a separate piece of paper.  You may move the objects around from one drawing to the next, or work with the same composition the entire time.

1. (5 mins)  Blind contour, still life outline only

2. (5 mins) Blind contour, this time lines running around the objects AND across the objects, mapping their volumes

3.  (20 mins) “Sighted” Measured Line Drawing – show guidemarks.  Angles and Proportions between objects correct

4. (30 mins) “Sighted” Measured Line Drawing #2

5. (40 mins) Tone drawing showing a range of values from highlights to midtones to shadows.  You may either begin with a new line drawing and add tones, or begin by applying midtone to the whole drawing, and then erasing to get highlights and darkening areas of shadow.

The drawings are due at the beginning of class Wednesday.