Please create a 15 drawing animation, executing a “camera move” through space. This might be a camera pan (standing in one spot, looking from left to right, or right to left), or a tilt (like a head nodding up and down), or a track (a dolly shot: smooth linear movements forward, backward, or along the side of a scene. You could execute a walk down a street, or even a ride up an elevator.)

We spent a lot of time during our last class looking at, considering, and drawing horizon lines, vanishing points, and receding lines.  You may do your assignment entirely from your imagination, from actually walking through a space/street and drawing what you see, or by building a scale model (in the computer or real), and drawing that.  Whatever you do, draw small enough spatial increments so that he camera move is smooth.

Extra credit if you can conceive of a camera move in a loop.

Please submit a with H.264 compression, titled

Assignment is due March 14th at the beginning of class.


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