The Final Project requires you using a TEXT SOURCE for reference. Your reference may come from scientific, journalistic or literary realms (a novel, a fairy tale, etc.).  The text should involve at least one human-like bipedal character.

Choose and read your text.  In one page, summarize the text, identify its main idea, and its relevance in culture today.   In 2-4 sentences, write 3 different “pitches” for a short animated film (1-3 minutes)  based on the main idea/implication.  Email the summary and pitches to me before the beginning of class April 4th.  Be prepared to read the SUMMARY/PITCHES in class and get valuable feedback from the class regarding the pitches.
(In class April 4th:  lecture on treatment/script/storyboarding,  work session)

Choose the pitch about which you feel the most passionate, and further develop the idea.  Write a TREATMENT (a 1-1.5 page explanation of what happens in the film, (beginning, middle, & end), using primarily ACTION verbs.  Don’t describe what the character is feeling, describe the actions the character is doing, revealing his emotions in the process).  If you plan on using a lot of voiceover, or dialogue, you may instead write a SCRIPT.  (Please use standardized script formatting.)  In addition, please gather at least 3 VISUAL REFERENCE IMAGES (these can be photographs, paintings, drawings, etc., but only one may be an image from your own previous work) that will inform your character and background design.  Finally, thinking visually, in filmic terms, write a numbered SHOT LIST.  Email me the treatment/script, images, and shotlist, before the beginning of class April 11th.
(In class April 11th:  lecture on character design/shot design, work session)

Using your shot list as a guide, you will then develop a rough STORYBOARD for the animation.  You may draw the storyboard on paper or digitally, but for class April 21st you must have each board scanned as a separate digital image, and numbered in the order of the storyboard.    You must also conceive of a sound treatment idea and either begin gathering sound effects mp3s (easily downloaded from the internet), record a temporary voiceover/dialogue, or choose relevant music.
(In class April 21th:  animatic lecture, work session – we will begin assembling the animatic)

Week 4:  MOVE IT
This week you will take your scanned storyboard and gathered sounds and create an ANIMATIC accompanied by a SCRATCH TRACK (a fleshed out, yet not necessarily perfect sound design). It is like an animation without all the animation.

To finish the project, you have one of two options:
1.  Make a POLISHED animatic.  Revise/REDRAW/ink/reshoot your storyboard images, making them incredibly legible and descriptive.  Improve the sound design.
2.  ANIMATE 10-20 SECONDS of a character’s action.  Choose an action that really demonstrates the personality of the character.  Insert the animation into the rough animatic. Improve the sound design.
(In class April 25th:  work session)

DUE MAY 5th.
Criteria for grading:
1.You must demonstrate that you absorbed all key lessons of paraline and perspective drawing.
2.You must demonstrate your ability to draw a human figure (or human-like biped character) volumetrically (i.e. not just a flat outline from front or side views).
3.You must demonstrate that dressed human figures on your boards are three-dimensional solid objects that abide by the same perspective rules as those which are applied to architectural settings and props.
4.Each drawing must convey a single POV.
5.Your storyboards/animatics must have a variety of long, medium and closeup shots. Closeups must include face shots, demonstrating your skills in constructing human (or human-like) heads.
6. Solid construction of all drawn form is a must. Shading is not necessary, but is encouraged. If you decide to shade/color your boards, please retain a layer of construction drawings only.
The final should be submitted as a QT movie, 1280×720, H.264 compression.


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